MIDITrail is 3D MIDI dataset visualizer that was made to listen to your MIDIs and view them in 3D. It is currently a project on Sourceforge Japan. It uses the DirectX engine to display 3D visuals on Windows, and uses Macintosh itself to display 3D visuals on a Mac. MIDITrail isn't designed to run on older computers such as PowerPC-based machines.

Depending on one's computer specifications, the notes may not show up if you load a certain MIDI with a whole bunch of notes beyond your computer's limits. MIDITrail uses up graphics memory, as well as primitives and vertexes in your graphics card. Not recommended for standard computers as it will crash and skyrockets RAM usage upon loading the MIDI. MIDITrail is now 64-bit as of February 2014.


Can pass crash points faster than Synthesia and Piano From Above

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